Animation at the Cutting Edge

An Alphaville Symposium

Saturday, 15 February 2014

University College Cork, Ireland

Film & Screen Media Auditorium, Windle Building, UCC


1.00 Registration

1.45 Welcome

2.00 Cristina Formenti (Università Statale, Milan): “The Animated Mockumentary, or when Imaginary Cartoon Worlds get the ‘Documentary Look’”

2.30 Danijela Kulezic-Wilson (University College Cork): “Tango for a Dream: Narrative Liminality and Musical Sensuality in Richard Linklater’s Waking Life

3.00 Helen Haswell (Queen’s University Belfast): “To Infinity and Back Again: Hand-drawn Aesthetics and Affection for the Past in Pixar’s Pioneering Animation”

3.30 Coffee break

4.00 Paul Ward (Arts University Bournemouth): “Animation as Atavistic Magic”

4.30 Yuanyuan Chen (University College Cork): “Animating the City of Desire: Bodily Metaphor and Visual Imagination in Bu Hua’s Flash-Animated Shorts”

5.00 Lilly Husbands (King’s College London): “Rolling Amnesia and the Omnivorous Now: Jeff Scher’s You Won’t Remember This Trilogy (2007–2011)”

5.30 Concluding remarks

6.00 Screening: Bu Hua’s animations

7.00 Wine & cheese


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