Animation films by Bu Hua 卜桦

6.00 p.m., Saturday 15 February 2014

Film & Screen Media Auditorium, Windle Building, UCC

Bu Hua's Digital Paiting 1

0. Trailer (2’04”)
1. The Sick City (2005, 7’05″)
2. A Seed’s Journey (2004, 3’35″)
3. Cat (2002, 5’30″)
4. The Last Phase of The Future (2007, 3’08″)
5. Dysphoria (2013, 4’40″)
6. Youth Does Harm To Health (2007, 3’18″)
7. LV forest (2010, 5’03″)
8. Savage Growth (2008, 3’52″)


Bu Hua, a digital artist, was born in 1973 and is currently living and working in animation, digital painting, oil painting and sketch in Beijing, China. In 1995 she graduated with a BFA from the Institute of Fine Art, Tsinghua University, Beijing and in 1998 she completed a short-term period of study at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Academie voor Beeldende Vorming, Amsterdam, Holland. Her Flash-animated shorts are remarkable not only for their sense of visual joy, but for the way they touch the modern soul.


The screening will be introduced by Mr Yongbin Xia, Co-Director, UCC Confucius Institute

Generously sponsored by the UCC Confucius Institute


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